Devin is a commercial and portrait photographer specializing in honest, fun, and colorful images of real, amazing, and interesting people. Being of a service industry background Devin has learned the importance of listening and connecting with his clients to achieve imaginative and expressive photographs. In addition to professional services, Devin is always exploring and experimenting with new techniques, styles, and editing methods. Having a more versatile background and the ability to draw inspiration from these different styles allows for a session that doesn’t have to follow a routine.
When Devin isn’t writing about himself in the third person, he enjoys taking in a baseball game, getting up to the mountains, or just spending time with his wife and son. I also love to travel and the chance to see how other cultures, families, and people live. Truly, I feel any time spent with my camera in hand is a wonderful way to learn from and record that experience. I look forward to the opportunity to share that with you.